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This script searches the gpmnotes table from the EnspMapDB database for information submitted along with the data file to the search software.

The required argument is keyword, which is the word or phrase to search for. Optional arguments are sort and offset. The sort argument controls which column is used as the sorting criterion; it can take the values of "file" (the default), which will print the results by GPM result file name in ascending order; "scores", which will print the results by their keyword match score in descending order; or "pro", which will print the results by number of proteins identified in the result file, in descending order. The offset argument is numeric, and controls the index of the first displayed result; the default value is zero, meaning the first result will be displayed.

The keyword searching is a fulltext index search, so the results can be modified with the inclusion of some special characters. By default, multiple keywords will generate a result set that contains either keyword, but will rank results with both keywords more highly. Higher importance may be given to one word by prefixing it with a greater than sign (>) or a lower score by prefixing with a less than sign (<). A word can be excluded by prefixing it with a minus sign (-). An exact phrase can be searched for by enclosing it in double quotes (").

The associated project data that is optionally included with the data file is stored in the the project table when the data file is parsed during the update process.

Display Elements

  • navigation links for viewing the pages of results, 20 per page
  • #: the result number
  • GPM: links to result file level details associated with the GPM file whose notes contain the keyword. The links are:
  • # proteins: the number of proteins identified in this GPM result file.
  • Description: the information included with the original data file submitted to the GPM search software for identification.

The script uses the following tables: in GPMDB, protein, result. From EnspMapDB, gpmnotes.

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