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This compares a single identification of a protein accession number in a GPM result file against a composite of all other identifications of this specific protein accession number.

The required arguments are label, svg_path and input_svg. label is the accession number of the protein being verified. svg_path is the filename of the generated coverage diagram located on the page of the specific identification. input_svg is the SVG markup used to render the coverage diagram.

Display Elements

  • Input pattern: the coverage diagram of the identification to verify.
  • Consensus pattern: a constructed coverage diagram based on the twenty best identifications of the protein to be verified. In the consensus pattern coverage diagram, the identified peptide regions are coded blue instead of red.
  • Best Result Table
    • #: the rank of a specific identification. Clicking the number will open up the page for that specific identification.
    • log(e): the expect score of this specific identification.
    • coverage: the SVG graphic corresponding to the specific identification, showing peptide coverage, relative expect score of the peptide identification (brighter red is better) and regions for low-probability of coverage.
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