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The following table contains a list of the amino acid 1 and 3 letter codes.

Amino Acid 3-Letter 1-Letter Residue mass (A0, u)
Alanine Ala A 71.037114
Arginine Arg R 156.101111
Asparagine Asn N 114.042927
Aspartic acid Asp D 115.026943
Cysteine Cys C 103.009185
Glutamic acid Glu E 129.042593
Glutamine Gln Q 128.058578
Glycine Gly G 57.021464
Histidine His H 137.058912
Isoleucine Ile I 113.084064
Leucine Leu L 113.084064
Lysine Lys K 128.094963
Methionine Met M 131.040485
Phenylalanine Phe F 147.068414
Proline Pro P 97.052764
Serine Ser S 87.032028
Threonine Thr T 101.047679
Tryptophan Trp W 186.079313
Tyrosine Tyr Y 163.06332
Valine Val V 99.068414

Additional codes for amino acids coded by unusual translations:

Amino acid 3-Letter 1-Letter Residue mass (A0, u)
Selenocysteine Sec U 150.95363
Pyrrolysine Pyl O 237.147727
stop n/a * n/a

Additional codes for ambiguous residues in protein sequences:

Ambiguous Amino Acids 3-Letter 1-Letter X! translation
Asparagine or aspartic acid Asx B N
Glutamine or glutamic acid Glx Z Q
Leucine or Isoleucine Xle J L
Unspecified or unknown amino acid Xaa X *
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