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The script allows for the bulk return of GPM file numbers based on a keyword search of the notes included with the dataset at the time of submittal to The GPM. The results of the search are a delimited list of GPM numbers, suitable for use in automation or importing into external programs.

Technical Details

The script takes two arguments, one required and one optional. They can be defined either through an HTTP POST or the GET string.

  • k (required): the keyword with which to search the notes.
  • s (optional): a separator to use for the results of the search. If this parameter is not defined in the query, a single comma without spacing (,) is used to separate the list of GPM numbers.

If the search yields no results, a blank HTML document will be returned, with nothing inside the <body> tags. If the keyword parameter is undefined or blank, the response will read "ERROR_NO_KEYWORD_SUPPLIED".


To search for any GPM file which includes the word Michigan in the notes, the search would be:

To search for any GPM file which includes the word Michigan, but is separated with HTML breaks, the search would be:<br>.

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