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Welcome to the GPMDB wiki site. GPMDB contents (2013.08.06)

The Global Proteome Machine Database was constructed to utilize the information obtained by GPM servers to aid in the difficult process of validating peptide MS/MS spectra as well as protein coverage patterns. This database has been integrated into GPM server pages, allowing users to quickly compare their experimental results with the best results that have been previously observed by other scientists.

The GPM is a user interface that allows scientists to run protein identifications searches and interpret the results of the searches. It currently supports three different search engines:

  1. X! Tandem - a conventional protein identification search engine;
  2. X! P3 - a search engine that uses proteotypic peptides; and
  3. X! Hunter - an annotated spectrum library search engine.

This wiki has been set up to allow the users of the GPM to annotate results sets stored in the GPMDB system. In order to add information, please create a user account by following the link in the top right corner.

models = 233,403
proteins = 108,442,281
distinct proteins = 1,866,242
protein redundancy = 58 ×
peptides = 907,082,567
distinct peptides = 4,912,741
peptide redundancy = 185 ×
AA residues = 12,699,155,938
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