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This searches GPMDB for protein identifications based on accession number.

The required argument is label, which is a protein accession number. The results of the search are the twenty best identifications of this protein, according to expect value. Each row lists the expect value, links to other data views, and a coverage diagram. Optionally, the proex argument may be supplied; omitting it results in a default proex value of -1. This value is not used in the search, but is used to build the links to other scripts which expect it.

Above the twenty best results, the "all" link redirects to, which displays all identifications of a protein, twenty results at a time.

The per-identification links are:

  • G, a link to, to view all proteins in the model containing this specific identification of the protein in question.
  • P, a link to, to view full information regarding this specific protein identification.
  • O, a link to, to view gene ontology information associated with the set of proteins in the original data file.

The coverage diagram is an Adobe SVG element depicting the sections of the protein which are covered by the peptides identified for this protein in the original data file.

This script uses the following tables: protein, result, proseq.

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