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The protein table records the details for each protein identification in a GPM result file. Each entry in the protein table corresponds to a single protein from a single file. If a file contained no identifications, the corresponding resultid for that file will not appear in this table.


  • proid: the unique identifier for a single identification for a single protein.
  • resultid: the unique identifier for the result file in which this protein identification occurred. All entries in the protein table from a single file will have the same value.
  • proseqid: the unique identifier for the protein sequence associated with this identification. All identifications of a given protein will have the same value.
  • expect: the expectation score; a floating point (decimal) number which is the base-10 logarithm of the odds that this particular identification of this protein was a chance occurrence (i.e., a false positive). If the odds of this identification are 1 in 1000, the expect score would be -3.0.
  • pida: the 1-based sequence of this mass spectrum in the original data file.
  • pidb: the identifier for this particular identification.
  • uid: a unique identifier for this protein, which is determined by the search software.
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