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The protein table records the details for each protein identification in a GPM result file. Each entry in the protein table corresponds to a single protein from a single file. If a file contained no identifications, the corresponding resultid for that file will not appear in this table.

The contents of this table are updated incrementally as part of the update procedure which executes daily.


  • proid: the unique identifier for a single identification for a single protein.
  • resultid: the unique identifier for the result file in which this protein identification occurred. All entries in the protein table from a single file will have the same value.
  • proseqid: the unique identifier for the protein sequence associated with this identification. All identifications of a given protein will have the same value.
  • expect: the expectation score; a floating point (decimal) number which is the base-10 logarithm of the odds that this particular identification of this protein was a chance occurrence (i.e., a false positive). If the odds of this identification are 1 in 1000, the expect score would be -3.0.
  • pida: the 1-based sequence of this mass spectrum in the original data file.
  • pidb: the identifier for this particular identification.
  • uid: a unique identifier for this protein, which is determined by the search software.
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