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The result table records the name, location and availability of all GPM result files generated through the submittal of data files to X!Tandem, P3 or Hunter on the GPM's servers. Each result file will be associated with zero or more protein records in the protein table. By default, result files which had zero successful protein identifications in them are recorded in the result table, but the active value in their table entry is set to 0, for "unavailable".

The contents of this table are updated incrementally as part of the update procedure which executes daily.


  • resultid: the unique identifier for each file (primary key).
  • pathid: the identifier for the filesystem path to the file.
  • file: the filename assigned to the result file by the search program.
  • completed: a flag regarding if the file has been scanned for data to be added to GPMDB.
  • active: a flag for whether the file is available (value=1), unavailable (value=0) or restricted (value=2) for viewing and being included in search results. By default, data file submitted to the GPM are set to be available for viewing by all users of the GPM.
  • rating: assigned a value of 10.
  • comments: a free text field for comments to be added regarding the result file. This field cannot be populated by users when data is submitted for identification.
  • tandemversion: the name of the search program used to generate the result file. This is set by the search software.
  • unique_proteins: the number of unique proteins identified in this result file. The number can be zero. It is populated by a script after the batch processing of GPM files, once per day.
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