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This data set was searched against the H. sapiens proteome on April 11, 2007. It was anonymously donated the the GPMDB. The data can be found here.

Experimental Details

No experimental details were supplied with the data. The instrument used was most likely a Sciex QSTAR instrument. The sample was digested with porcine trypsin. The data appears to have been acquired from a single HPLC/MS/MS run.


The proteins represented by the model are a broad cross-section of cellular proteins. It would appear to be the result of lysing a volume of cultured cells, probably leukocytes. This model represents a large data set, but the spectra are high quality.

The model contains very good representative proteins from the following organelles:

  1. mitochondrion (305 proteins);
  2. proteasome (37 proteins);
  3. ribosome (124 proteins); and
  4. lysosome (35 proteins).

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