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This data set was searched against the H. sapiens on May 5th, 2007. It was imported from PeptideAtlas data set PAe000315, listed as Human Hair Sample SM. The data can be found here.

[edit] Experimental Details

Few experimental details were supplied with the data. The spectra appear to have been obtained using an ion trap-type instrument, probably using multidimensional chromatography. Cysteine residues were derivatized with iodoacetimide and the peptides generated by cleavage with bovine trypsin.

[edit] Comments

The large signals from hair-specific keratins support the annotation in PeptideAtlas as this being a hair sample. Strong signals can also be seen from DSP, JUP, PKP1, AHNAK, HSPA2, and DSG4. Relatively rare proteins such as TGM3, LRRC15, CALML3, and SELENBP1 are also present with strong signals.

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