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The GPM's keyword search page acts differently depending on what information is requested. Some text is scanned for known patterns and the target of the search is adjusted accordingly. Other searching can be controlled with the inclusion of search operators or target modifiers.

The value of the keyword box is used to find the accession numbers for all proteins in the system that have this word (or words) in their functional description. These descriptions are provided by the original data source for the protein sequences.

Known Patterns

The known patters are:

  • GPM file numbers:
    entering a GPM number into the keyword box will redirect you to the protein listing for that GPM file.
  • well-known protein accession numbers:
    entering any of the well-known accession numbers (e.g., ENSPnnnnnnnnnnn, gi|nnnnnn| or HITnnnnnnnnn) will redirect to the accession number search results for the supplied accession number.

Search Operators

  • Optional words: when more than one word is given, words without an operator are optional:
    light chain returns results with either word
  • Required words: mark with a plus (+):
  • Excluded words: mark with a minus (-):
  • Exact phrase: surround with double quotes ("):
    "light chain"'
  • Word importance: use > for more weight and < for less weight:
    >myosin or <hemoglobin

Target Modifiers

  • "note:": redirects to the GPM note search, where the text after "note:" will be searched for in the note database.
    E.g., note:cancerous.
  • "GO:" and "BTO:": redirects to the GPM note search page, where GPM file note database will be searched on the whole BTO or GO number.
    E.g., BTO:0000657.
  • "acc:": redirects to the accession number search page, with the text after "acc:" being interpreted as an accession number.
    E.g. acc:YLR335W.
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