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Two associated changes have been made to the accession number search result pages on the GPM.

First, the project notes associated with each result file in which the accession number of interest was found have been added to the displayed results. The coverage diagrams and project notes can be toggled between by clicking on the appropriate word in the column header.

Second, the project notes have been amalgamated into a tag cloud which is displayed above the table of results. This collection of words represents the top twenty terms found in the project notes for the result files in which the protein of interest was found. Their relative frequency is denoted by changes in font size, with the largest term occurring the most often.

Clicking on a word in the cloud will display only those result files which have the corresponding word in its project notes. If there are two words on which a user wants to search, they can be manually added to the text box to the left of the tag cloud. Clicking the "clear" button will remove all filtering and show all results for the accession number of interest and their corresponding project notes.

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