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Several pages on the GPM contain dynamically-generated AJAX content. These pieces of data are given a yellow background to make them visually distinct from the rest of the data on the page.

Given that these values are generated on demand after the page containing them is loaded, the values may change from day to day as new information is stored in the GPMDB.


Peptide Counts

Counts of peptide identifications appear as a number enclosed in parentheses, e.g.: (1234). This can be read as: "This peptide residue sequence has been identified 1234 times in the GPMDB." No distinction is made between unmodified, modified or point-mutated peptides, so even peptides with a very rare mutation may appear to have several thousand identifications.

An example of this display can be seen on

Peptide Frequency Measure

For a single peptide identification in a specific protein record, the percentage of peptide identifications which this peptide entails may be displayed after the peptide count as a decimal number less than one, e.g.: 0.166. This can be read as: "16.6% of the peptide assignments in this specific protein identification are of this specific residue sequence." Not all peptide sequences are available for this calculation, so this number may be absent on some displays.

An example of this content may be seen on

Omega Values

These two pieces of information are always displayed together. A full description of how they are generated is available at Technical Overview, omega display. The Ω display is a column header showing the percentage of the total peptide coverage by charge state, e.g. ω (Ω = 01|0.312|0.423). That column will then contain peptide frequency measures as detailed in Peptide Frequency Measure.

An example of this content may be seen on

Protein Expect Value Comparison

For a single identification of a protein, an estimation of this proteins expect value in comparison to all other identifications is shown as two slash-separated numbers enclosed in square brackets, e.g.: [3/52]. This can be read as: "out of a total of 52 identifications of this protein, three identifications have expect scores equal to or lower than the expect score associated with this identification."

An example of this content may be seen on

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