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The aa table records the amino acid modifications or mutations found on a given peptide. A single peptide can have zero or one associated mutation, and zero or more modifications, limited only by the number of residues in the peptide sequence.

The contents of this table are updated incrementally as part of the update procedure which executes daily.


  • aaid: the unique identifier for a single modification or mutation.
  • pepid: the unique identifier for the peptide with which this modification or mutation is associated.
  • type: the residue which has been modified or mutated.
  • at: the location of the residue in the residue sequence of the associated peptide, numbered from the beginning of the protein.
  • modified: the mass change (in Daltons) to the peptide, dictated by the modification or mutation.
  • pm: the resulting residue to which the specified residue location has mutated. This will be blank if the change associated with this aaid is a modification; otherwise it will be a single character denoting the mutated residue.
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