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The mem_pep_count table in the peakdb database is used to generate the MRM displays for protein and peptide information in GPMDB.

The main difference between this table and the other tables that make up the GPM is that it is a memory table; the contents of this table reside in the database server's memory, to increase the response time for queries involving these tables.

The contents of this table are updated manually, when new source data files are generated.


  • seq: the residue sequence of a unique peptide that appears in the MRM data.
  • count: the number of times this peptide has been identified by the search software in the GPM. Please note: this number should be taken as an "at least" approximation of the number of identifications of the corresponding peptide since the source data for the tables is generated infrequently; additional identifications of the peptide may have been made since the last data import into peakdb.
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