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This script displays information about a single peptide identification from a GPM data file. It is used as the target of the clickable links in the list of identified peptides from

The required arguments are path, label, uid, homolog, id, proex and ltype. path is the path to the data file being viewed. label is the accession number of the protein which contains this peptide. uid and id are both used to identify the specific domain in the result file for display. homolog and proex are used to generate links to further scripts on the GPM.

Display Elements

  • a list of links to other data displays in the GPM, and other repositories.
  • a table of data about the peptide
    • Instrument-based measurements such as mass, mass delta, charge, e.g.
    • the peptide sequence as assigned by the search software, as well as any identified modifications of the residues.
    • AJAX-generated content for the GPMDB-wide identification count and result file level frequency of this peptide.
  • an SVG-generated spectrum corresponding to the data in the original data file used by the search software to create the result file.
  • a table of all theoretical and assigned ions for this peptide.
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