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The peptide_index table stores pepids from the peptide table correlated to the peptide sequence to which they are assigned. Each row in the table contains exactly one peptide sequence, but can contain up to 255 characters of pepid information. This allows for much more rapid searching of both full and partial peptide sequence information, since the peptide_index table contains roughly two orders of magnitude fewer rows than the peptide table.

The peptide_index table is updated every time new peptide identifications are added to GPMDB, such as during daily updates.


  • rowid: the unique identifier for a row of information.
  • peptide: the peptide to which the associated list of peptide identifiers applies.
  • pepid_list: a space-delimited list of peptide identifiers from the peptide table. The left-side zero padding has been removed from the identifiers to save storage space.
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