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This script displays the proportions of the proteins in a GPM result file in separate gene ontologies.

The required arguments are path, proex, npep and ltype. path is the path to the result file being viewed. proex is used to generate links to other GPMDB resources. npep and ltype are used to control the look and content of the page.

Display Elements

  • a bar of links to further GPMDB resources applicable to this data file.
  • a bar graph showing the proportions of the categories into which the proteins in this GPM result file fall. **The number at the top of each column is the base-10 logarithm of the total intensities for proteins in that ontology relative to the other ontologies.
    • Any result file viewed through will have an ontology with an amount of 0.0 (meaning this category contains the smallest amount of identified proteins).
    • Within a single GPM result file, a category with a log(I) of 5 contains roughly twice as many proteins as a different category with a log(I) of 3.
  • a table of information about each ontology represented in the chart.
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