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I’m a web developer, not an anodrid developer–but typing from my anodrid phone. A few thoughts @Ken, Thanks for your feedback! Your first point is exactly what I was thinking, and is my primary motivation for wanting to give this to the community once I make it work for me (or even before then, depending on how the development goes). I assume by Win7 you are referring to the Windows 7 Phone series, and not the desktop OS. If so, I'd definitely like to see that happen as well, though for faster adoption and higher interest, I think I'd want to put it on the iPhone platform first.Your third point gives me hope; I sometimes wonder if that's the case particularly for the kind of app design I'm hoping to streamline with this project. I think games will probably never migrate away from native code, simply for performance reasons if nothing else. But I can imagine that HTML5 and better browser implementations may evolve on mobile devices to the point that something like AML won't be as appealing to a developer because, while it is easy, just building a web page for a mobile device is even easier and accomplishes 90% of their goal.For your fourth point, that also is a really interesting idea. I'm not sure if that would have enough perceived benefit for developers though, since the visual limitations of most mobile devices might make it seem like making your web app the exact same structure as your mobile app would be a bad idea. You can do so much more with HTML5 and CSS3 that if all you had was a mobile-like interface, a full desktop web visitor could be dissatisfied. Perhaps AML could strip out non-mobile-friendly elements from the design though during the native mobile conversion process hmm. That will be good to keep in mind while I keep working on it!
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